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Together, Let's Starve Out Hunger

Billions of pounds of food are going to waste while millions of Americans are going hungry.

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We fight food waste

40% of all food produced is wasted

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1 in 8 Americans are food in-secure

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Food waste is a major contributor to climate change

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JEE Foods is a nonprofit organization, powered by high school students. We strive to end hunger, food waste, and poverty through food rescue. While our team is committed to addressing the need of those who are hungry, we aim to take on the core factors in which these problems are rooted, to create sustainable change.

At the core of our organization, JEE Foods takes food that would otherwise be discarded by restaurants, farms, and grocers and rescues it. This rescued food either travels back to our main facilities, where we transform it to extend its shelf-life or it is delivered directly to a nonprofit organization.

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The first step is finding sources of excess food. No matter the donation size, our volunteers collect perfectly good excess food. Our current donors include restaurants, farms, schools, and conference venues.


The next step is to take the food back to our kitchen where it may be transformed to extend its shelf-life. From there, the food is ready to move to its next leg of the journey along with the food that didn't need to be transformed.


The final step is distributing the products and meals to the community directly via our partner nonprofit organizations. These organizations serve a variety of communities that would otherwise not have this food.

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